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SaferVPN is a leading, premium VPN service providing complete Internet freedom and privacy to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. With our state-of-the art technology, effortless interface and dedicated 24/7 customer support, anyone can easily access their favorite geo-restricted content show more »

At SaferVPN, we aim to provide secure, private and uncensored internet to anyone, anywhere. As Internet freedom fighters, we've successfully established ground-breaking collaborations with global NGOs and free speech activists living in highly censored countries.

We offer apps and desktop clients for a variety of devices including Windows, Mac, iOS , Android, Chrome Extension and, Routers. With just one click, our users can instantly connect to our servers across the world. Once a user selects their desired location, they receive an alternate IP address so they can browse the web as if they were in their country of choice.

When connected to our servers, our users instantly enjoy:

  • Access to their favorite geo-restricted websites, streaming services and apps.
  • Privacy protection from snoopers, hackers and government entities.
  • A fast, encrypted internet connection, securing sensitive data and private information.
  • Great savings on flights, rental cars, streaming services and more.

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